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Random Tid-Bits

To further spark your interest I offer some other tid-bits about me.

Life – Childhood in The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany; Travelled all over Europe growing up, parts of northern Africa and South America and spent my summers in Barbados.  High School Graduating class of 43 with 35 nationalities; College years in upstate New York and a return to Germany, Belgium, and Sweden for my early career.  Shortly after the birth of my daughter in Sweden, we transferred to the USA to be near my wife’s family and a son soon followed.  My own family still live in The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

Work – Started up new consulting operations in Germany, Belgium and Sweden for two large American consulting firms serving telecomunication customers; Software solutions start-ups in the US, one receiving the years largest round of VC funding; Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; The boom and bust of the telecom buble; Industry change to Health Care just before that really got interesting; a year at a major Payroll and HR systems solutions provider with interesting corporate culture lessons and then back to a global leader in telco software and services.

Faith – From not knowing what I am missing, to seeking, to finding and serving.

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