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Not Dying in Moscow

Seconds after my flight from Moscow touched down at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, my shaking fingers were dialing our sales guy in London.  “Peter, what did you forget to tell me about this prospect?”  Peter feigned ignorance.  “Peter, the driver dropped me in a court yard of a residential apartment building and pointed me to a door in a small concrete shack manned by two soldiers with machine guns!   The elevator had 8 floors.  Underground!  Only when I saw the marble  lobby of the executive suite did I realize I wasn’t going to die today!  Their favorite response to questions was ‘We can’t tell you that.’  Who are we responding to for this RFP ?”  Peter hesitated and started slowly.  “Maybe there are three retired KGB generals, who happened upon a telecommunications network, and are interested in our billing and customer care solution so they can launch a lucrative commercial telephony operation.”

Why another blog?

Only one person can tell that story, but this blog is not about telling stories as much as it is about the things I have learned about business, leadership, people, and the world around me during my unique journey through life.

In this blog I want to share the gems and nuggets I have picked up along the way.  Thoughts and opinions on the experiences as an international consultant, a leader, a start-up adventurer, an entrepreneurial spirit, a rider of the boom and bust of the telecom bubble, and brave soul in the wild waters of Healthcare, a project manager, a father and leader of my house and in my church.   (See more Random Tid-Bits about Michael.)

A final note.  Blogging is about giving more than we ask for.  Barring exceptions described on the Disclosures page, I am not asking for or selling anything.

Thank you for stopping by.

Come back often, or better yet, subscribe.  And please let me know when you enjoy or get something out of a post by leaving a comment.

If you would like to contact me, please use my  personal e-mail address at:

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Best regards,

Michael Schutterop
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