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Let Me Spend Your Stimulus Check

Stimulus checks for the COVID19 pandemic are starting to hit bank accounts and mailboxes all over the country and I want to spend them for you.

100 Dollar Bill with Medical Face Mask on

If you lost your job or business and have more needs than means, hang in there.  You are in the thoughts and prayers of more people rooting for you than you realize and we long for the recovery right along side you, for your sakes.

If you are one of the many others who are merely inconvenienced and trying to figure out how to work from cramped quarters, let me suggest how I would spend the check that you may well have mentally spent already.

Longing to have breakfast at your favorite diner again when this is all over?  Resolve to leave the waitress a $100 tip when you see her again.  She lost her job and is financially hurting by now.  So save that check.

Can’t wait to go back to your favorite restaurant.  The owner is probably working by themselves, after the heart wrenching decision to lay-off the team they love, feverishly trying to save their precious business on take-out orders from a fraction of the guests they used to serve each week.  Resolve to become a regular take-out customer now, and splurge, buy a bottle of wine even though you can get it cheaper in the store. Restauranteurs desperately need your orders today.  And save some of your check to go back as soon as they reopen and then give the waitress a $100 tip.  She was one of the first to loose her job.

Can’t wait for a professional repair job on that at-home-haircut you live-streamed on Facebook? Resolve to leave your barber or hair dresser a $100 tip when you see them again.  They have had no income for months.

You get the idea. It won’t be hard to come up with a good list of candidates for your generosity.

Lets spend those checks not for ourselves, but purposefully for those and on those who hurt the most. The people, the small and local businesses that we will miss dearly if they could not make a come-back.  Lets fire up the economic engine while also being a blessing.

That’s how I would spend your check ……and mine.

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