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Not Unemployed

Recently I irreverently joked that my recent job change has left me temporarily “unemployed”.  Conviction came knocking on my conscious.

iStock_000008193624XSmall I have not felt the rejection of the losing lot in a lay-off.

I have not experienced the humility of learning I was not all that I thought I was cracked up to be.

I have not had to process the consequences of political fall-out or suffered the injustice only the scapegoat knows.

I made a choice!

I do not have to get up each morning searching, calling, writing, striving.

I do not have to face the mailbox, inbox and voicemail each day.

I do not have to work up new hope that today is the day.

I have a new start date!

I do not have to worry about paying the bills, putting food on the table, getting sick, or losing the house.

I have not had to wipe out my savings accounts and retirement nest egg.

I do not have to humble myself to ask for help and don’t have to say “no” to my wife and kids.

In 3 weeks there will be a check!

I do not have to accept “anything that pays the bills” or look “below grade” and prove myself again.

The new job is good!

If you are unemployed, I can not begin to compare my temporary-unpaid-vacation-by-choice to your hardship.  I stand amazed at your get-up-and-go, your strength, your courage and your perseverance.   I pray for God’s generous provision for your needs while He prepares you and the job He will bless you with in His time.

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